Attempt Summary

This plugin provides users with the most important part of an exam/quiz, i.e, analytics. Every attempt each user makes on a quiz is scrutinised and relevant data are portrayed via visually appealing graphs.

The graphs are distributed under the following tabs:

Attempt Summary- This tab contains the logged in user's statistics for the last attempt he/she made on that quiz. In case of quizzes allowing single attempt, that attempt is considered the last attempt.

My Progress and Predictions- This tab contains several sub-tabs which as a whole gives the idea of how the logged in user has fared over time and the hardest question he/she faced. There's also a tab specifically for quizzes offering multiple attempts to show the logged user a predictive analysis depending on other users' attempts and best scores.

Question Categories' Analysis- This tab is dedicated to the categories/tags all the questions are associated with. The graphs here in the sub-tabs shows the question distribution among categories and also an idea of how challenging each of the categories proved to be.




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